Steps for Verify your website on Google, Yahoo and Bing:-

1) For Bing Verification:-

a) Go to bing web master tools And Sign in to it.

b) Enter your site domain url where you have installed this module.(Check below Image )

c) Then Go to Settings.

d) Go to Api access and Generate Api Key.

e) After Generating Api Key just copy and paste it in admin to verify Bing Ownership.

2) For Yandex Verification:-

a) Go to Yandex web master tools And Sign in to it.

b) After Sign In Go to this Url

c) Create New Client filling all the necessary information related to your website.(Check below Image)

d) After Click on to the create Client .You will get Client Id from there.

e) Copy that Client Id &paste it in admin to verify Yandex Ownershi.

3) For Google Verification:-

a) Create New Project from your Google Console Search Engine.

b) After Creating Project Go to Api and Services and Enable Site Verification Api.(Check below Image)

c) Then Go to Credentials section and downlooad credentials.json file from there.(Check below Image)

d) Rename download file to "oauth-credentials.json" and Upload to your Module Root Directory.

e) Then from admin just Click Verify Google Ownership.

For Sitemap to upload on Search Engines automatically please follow below steps :-

a) Add ( to your cron Job on your Server. It will automatically upload your sitemap on daily basis.